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Being born in the United States the daughter of immigrants from the Philippines makes for a sometimes complicated and confusing identity. There are so many things I don't understand...(read more)

Balut beading detail
Capiz detail cropped

Capiz shells, sometimes referred to as windowpane oysters, are a major Philippine export. Finding materials indigenous to the islands was the jumping off point...(read more)

Capiz Quilt detail

I was born and raised in Virginia and have always felt completely American, but there was something so beautiful and exotic to me that I would often see in the homes of non-Filipino friends: quilts...(read more)

Capiz Quilt in progress
Nonelective Surgery detail

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."  - Epictetus

There's an alchemical process in resurrecting the person you were when you were born...(coming soon)

I love the luminosity and versatility of watercolors. They're an extension of drawing, which is the foundation of all art. Watercolors helped keep me connected to my art...(read more)

Apple Blossoms detail
Henry Tanner Osawa Study cropped
Henry Tanner Osawa Study cropped

An intimate look into my sketchbook, as well as some of my favorite drawings in charcoal and graphite. Drawing isn't just about being able to render a decent picture; it's about the ability to see accurately...(read more)

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