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Workshops & Classes

"He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast."​     -Leonardo da Vinci

Anyone who knows me knows I'm an avid proponent of classical training. Like many artists in the late 20th and early 21st century, I didn't have the classical academy-style training that was a natural part of all artists' education in the preceding centuries. I stumbled onto my need for it once I understood what kind of art I was most passionate about creating. I am an unabashed lover of realism with a deep commitment to learning as much as I can and passing that information on to you. That doesn't mean I detest modern or abstract forms of art, it simply means that my soul feels complete when I'm drawing and painting realistically. Luckily, we're living in a time where realism is making a comeback and ateliers are popping up all over the world! Alas, there are none in Virginia so I offer the closest thing I can.

No classes or workshops currently available. Contact me for private lessons.