All Prima in the Winter

Not much to talk about. Just wanted to share photos of the figure paintings I got to do at the long-pose sessions November through January. I'm happy with my progress and how much more I can finish in the 3 hours we're given. I'm also always grateful for the helpful feedback I get from my colleagues who have so much more experience than I.

I try to take a photo at every break, so about every 30 minutes give or take. The first set of progress shots (in reverse) are of Janet on a clear primed linen panel. The second set are of Tatiana on a toned canvas panel. The portrait study of Victoria is on Arches oil paper, which is awesome! Her likeness isn't great, but I had sooo much fun using this paper and will definitely use again!

Janet. 12x16" oil on linen panel.

Tatiana. 12x16" oil on canvas panel.

Victoria. 12x16" oil on Arches oil paper.


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